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Sri Gurubhyo Namah


"shrI guruH sarvakAraNabhUtA shaktiH" - Bhavanopanishad

The auspicious master is the all-causative power 



"guruH pita gururmAtA gururdevo gururhariH |

shive ruShTe gurustrAtA gurau ruShTena kashchana || "

Should the Lord be wrathful against you, the Guru will guard you; but if the Guru himself is displeased with you, no one can save you.


The best guru bhakti is to love all, to be kind and compassionate towards all and never hurt any living creature—to try as much as possible to benefit life around us, to be good, do good, and to serve, so that out of us only good comes, only help comes, only service comes, only usefulness. All that is positive, creative, constructive, auspicious, good, beautiful—that only should come to all life around us, all God’s creation, through our thoughts, words and actions. Anything that is negative, anything that is destructive, harmful or injurious should never come - Swami Chidananda


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